Nikki Ferrell Addresses Juan Pablo Split Rumors: “It Does Hurt My Feelings”
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The Bachelor

Nikki Ferrell Addresses Juan Pablo Split Rumors: “It Does Hurt My Feelings”

The reigning Bachelor couple — Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell — just gave a State of the Love Union address to People, while spending the weekend in Florida to support Give Kids the World, which grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses.

Long story short: "We're doing great," said Nikki. "We are very happy together."

There were rumors of a possible split after JPG was reportedly seen flirting with another girl, but that didn't quite happen. Juan Pabs shrugs off what people say, since they don't really know anything about the couple, but it's tougher for Nikki. "He does a better job of ignoring it than I do," the pediatric nurse admitted. "I read what people say, and it does hurt my feelings. I'm only human. But really, we are happy and doing well."

Good for them. We saw them get engaged together in March 2014, but they've actually been a couple since the show was taped at the end of 2013. Now it's August 2014, so they've actually lasted longer than plenty of other Bachelor/ette couples, including Jake and Vienna (a low bar, admittedly) and Brad and Emily, just to name two. There are many others who broke up just a couple of months after the finale aired.

Juan Pablo and Nikki don't have to stay together if they don't want to, but apparently they do want to. They are handling things in their own unique fashion, and if Bachelor fans don’t get it, they’re in luck — they don’t need to!

Keep your chin up, Nikki! Not everyone is a "hater."

Source: People

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