Nikki Ferrell Has “Baby Fever” — Ready to Start Family With Juan Pablo?
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Nikki Ferrell Has “Baby Fever” — Ready to Start Family With Juan Pablo?

Should Juan Pablo Galavis be getting nervous? He and girlfriend Nikki Ferrell are currently doing the long-distance thing, with Juan Pablo in Miami and Nikki spending a little time back in Kansas City. But it appears that Nikki has come down with baby fever during her time at home, and we’re pretty sure that’s not the kind of fever you can sweat out.

It’s no secret that Nikki loves being around children, seeing as she’s a pediatric nurse and is totally cool hanging with Juan Pablo’s 5-year-old daughter, Camila. Plus, some people might say that Juan Pablo himself acts a bit like a child at times although we would never be the ones to say such a thing, mind you. Not us.

Now, Nikki has posted a video of herself holding an adorable little tyke, and she’s clearly envious that her friends have their own bundle of joy. “The world’s happiest baby! @cassielambert @beetsaladbar #babyfever,” Nikki captions the Instagram video, featuring the progeny of two Bachelor producers. The baby certainly does look happy but we’re not sure if anyone could possibly look happier than Nikki herself does in this vid.

So might she and Juan Pablo already be talking about starting a family of their own? Well, Juan Pablo has said that he’d like to have more kids eventually. However, we’d be pretty shocked if the two had discussed procreation just yet, given how reluctant he was to even use the L-word at the Bachelor ATFR just two weeks ago.

Perhaps Nikki’s “baby fever” is more of a sign that she’s missed being away from her job since the finale. Or at least, we hope that’s the case, since a Ferravis (that’s our mash-up name for the couple, by the way) baby seems like a long way off.

Are you hoping Juan Pablo and Nikki will have a baby soon? Or do you think this would be a terrible, terrible idea?

Source: Nikki on Instagram