5 Reasons Nikki Ferrell Should Be the Next Bachelorette
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The Bachelor

5 Reasons Nikki Ferrell Should Be the Next Bachelorette

The Bachelor is pretty much our only reason for getting up in the morning (well, that and cheese), and we're already dreading the moment this season ends and the dark period known as "hiatus" descends on us. Luckily, there's a light at the end of this sinister tunnel. Just weeks after Juan Pablo Galavis leaves the Bachelor Mansion love nest, a new Bachelorette will be crowned! Chances are this gal will be one of Juan Pablo's contestants, and we have our eye on Nikki Ferrell.

Check out 5 reasons we think Nikki should be ABC's next Bachelorette!

1. She's Kind of a Nerd

Did you see Nikki's dancing during the terrifying descent into madness that was Juan Pablo's 2NE1 group date? Watching her bust a move was sort of like watching ourselves dance in the mirror to "Single Ladies" after having one too many wine boxes. In other words, not pretty. We love that Nikki fully embraces her dorky side, which is a key ingredient to Bachelorette success. Viewers want to watch someone 100 percent relatable, and Nikki is just that!

2. She's Snarky

Nikki is well on her way to being labeled The Bachelor's resident Queen B-word, but her sarcastic attitude and constant eye-rolling might come in handy during The Bachelorette. We have a feeling this girl won't put up with anyone's BS on the show, which means she'll be able to separate the posers from the dreamboats with just one glowering stare. Also, she'd probably put Chris Harrison in his place. His place being a box to the left (second Beyonce reference in one article? You're welcome).

3. She's a Girl-Next-Door

Sure, Nikki has a huge attitude and she can be kind of cut-throat, but look at this girl. She's basically America's Sweetheart in the making, with a bit of sass thrown in for good measure. She's blonde, bubbly, bodacious — the ABC power players won't have any problem rounding up 25 eligible bachelors to compete for her heart! In fact, if they need help WE VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE.

4. She's Adventurous

Nikki seems pretty willing to fake her way through most of Juan Pablo's weird, “romantic,” and somewhat fetishistic dates, which is proof positive that she has the adventurous spirit needed to be Bachelorette. Keep in mind that ABC's future leading lady will be responsible for leaping off skyscrapers, climbing up cliffs, making out with victims of experimental test tube breeding, and possibly trying to murder several contestants. A penchant for adventure is key!

5. She's Family Oriented

Bachelor Nation loves themselves a lady who loves a baby (poems!), so you can imagine how excited We The People are about Nikki. Not only does this girl put "family first," she works as a pediatric nurse in Kansas City. Hear that? It's the sound of a million people going "AWWWW!" Nikki's job alone has us convinced that she's a warm person whose priorities are in order, which makes her a perfect candidate for The Bachelorette!

Do you think Nikki has what it takes to be ABC's next starlet? Hit the comments and let us know.