Nikki Ferrell Reveals Big Bedroom Complaint About Juan Pablo Galavis!
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Nikki Ferrell Reveals Big Bedroom Complaint About Juan Pablo Galavis!

There are some things you can’t find out about someone on a dating show, even when a Fantasy Suite is involved. So what is Nikki Ferrell not so thrilled about regarding Juan Pablo Galavis’s bedroom behavior?

The couple made it clear at their Bachelor finale last month that they want their privacy. However, Nikki has revealed a rather personal detail about their time beneath the sheets. “Life with the snore monster.....” she tweeted just after midnight on April 11. Uh-oh! Apparently, someone was getting a good night’s sleep and someone else wasn’t.

Translation: Juan Pablo might end up on the couch in the near future if he doesn’t find a way to stop his snoring. Indeed, we had been disappointed that the couple has had to spend a fair amount of time apart lately, as they still maintain residences in separate cities. But an upside to a long-distance relationship is that you don’t have to invest in a pair of earplugs in order to get a solid eight hours of shuteye.

Who knows, maybe Nix was talking about her adorable dog, but probably not. We’re hoping that Juan Pablo can figure out a remedy, perhaps by getting back those headphones he passed on to the airplane passenger, and handing em over to Nikki.

Do you have an anti-snoring technique that works? Suggest it to Juan Pablo in the comments section! And are you surprised that Nikki shared this info on Twitter?

Source: Nikki Ferrell on Twitter