Nikki Ferrell’s New Bling: From Juan Pablo Galavis? (PHOTO)
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The Bachelor

Nikki Ferrell’s New Bling: From Juan Pablo Galavis? (PHOTO)

There have been times on this season of The Bachelor when some of the ladies seemed this close to ringing Juan Pablo Galavis’s neck. But now, as his relationship with Nikki Ferrell continues to blossom, it appears that we have some happier neck-related news to report.

Nikki and Juan Pablo were pretty much attached at the hip in the two weeks after their finale aired. They jetted off to Miami, then to a wedding in the Dominican Republic, then back to Miami, all the while photos emerged of them looking absolutely schmoopy together.

Now, it’s time for the couple to get back to the real world a bit this week. Juan Pablo is currently serving jury duty in Miami way to do your civic duty, buddy! while Nikki has been hanging out with pals in her hometown of Kansas City. But it appears that Juan Pablo may have given her something to remember him by during their time apart.

On March 23, Nikki posted a photo (above) of herself wearing a “J” necklace. So does the “J” stand for the guy we think it stands for? As it turns out, Juan Pablo appears to only be part of the reason for the jewelry. “New bling,” Nikki captions the shot. “A ‘J’ for more than the obvious, a special kiddo very close to my heart and someone I can't go a day without thinking about. #love #nurselife.”

It’s very touching how connected Nikki is with her young patients, which makes it clear that she will be an awesome mom someday. So did Juan Pablo give her the necklace, or did she pick it out herself with her patient in mind? Either way, it can’t be a bad sign that Nikki is choosing to wear one of JPG’s initials around her neck.

Of course, if we were cynical, we might see this as Juan Pablo’s way of claiming his territory. Thank goodness we’re so not cynical. Nope, not in the least.

Do you think Juan Pablo gave her the necklace? And do you think it will be tough for them to keep the relationship going while they’re in different cities?

Source: Nikki on Instagram