Nikki Ferrell Blows a Hot Guy a Kiss — How’d Juan Pablo Respond?
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Nikki Ferrell Blows a Hot Guy a Kiss — How’d Juan Pablo Respond?

We would think that, when you’re as hot as Juan Pablo Galavis is, you can say bye bye bye to ever feeling intimidated by another guy. But apparently, even a former Bachelor can start to compare himself to the competition, as Juan Pabs learned when Nikki Ferrell recently blew a kiss to another man.

Juan Pablo and Nikki took a road trip along the Cali coast to San Francisco this week. But it seems that their selection of driving music might have caused a little drama. On April 24, JPG tweeted, “Ok, so WHAT does a boyfriend supposed to DO when his NOVIA blows a kiss to the car RADIO while @jtimberlake is ON?” And when one of his Twitter followers joked that he should start singing better, Juan Pablo quipped, “jajajaja thats IMPOSSIBLE… #JTKillsIt.”

OK, so we don’t really think Juan Pablo has anything to worry about, given that Justin is very happily married to the ever-fetching Jessica Biel. Plus, if you ask us, Juan Pablo can bring sexy back with the best of them. But we love that Juan Pablo has a great sense of humor and is so quick to poke fun at himself.

Now, we can’t wait to find out more about what Nikki and Juan Pablo do while they’re in the Bay Area. And don’t worry, Juan Pablo we blew more than our fair share of kisses at our TV screens whenever your episodes of The Bachelor aired.

Do you think Nikki pretending to flirt with JT is a bad sign? Or do you think it’s cute?

Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter