Nikki Ferrell Won’t Watch Bachelor in Paradise, Calls Show a “Trainwreck”
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Bachelor in Paradise

Nikki Ferrell Won’t Watch Bachelor in Paradise, Calls Show a “Trainwreck”

The August 4 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise has been on our radar since we first heard the premise: hot men, hot women, hot feelings, hot island. What could be better? Don’t even try and answer because the answer is nothing, nothing could be better. So we were a bit surprised when one Bachelor Nation-er declared she’d rather endure physical harm than partake in the Monday night ritual of watching reality TV love unfold.

Nikki Ferrell, the winner of Juan Pablo Galavis’s season of The Bachelor, bashed the show on Twitter this week, writing “Everyone keeps asking if I'm gonna watch Bachelor In Paradise. To be honest I'd rather stab pencils in my eyeballs. #trainwreck.” Harsh criticism, especially coming from someone who once referred to her own season as a trainwreck as well.

While Nikki isn’t exactly known for being a wallflower — she earned a bit of a reputation as the villain of Season 18, and she’s been outspoken on Twitter when critics panned her relationship with JPG — she’s been a little more vocal than usual in her disdain of ABC as of late.

Last week during Andi Dorfman’s After the Final Rose special, Nikki accused producers of making Nick Viall embarrass Andi on national television when he dropped the S-E-X bomb on the Dorf (as in, “if you didn’t love me, why did you make love to me?”). In response to his revelation, Nikki tweeted, “Gee I wonder who told Nick to say that....How the producers of @BachelorABC sleep at night is beyond me. #trash.” Nick later insisted producers did not put him up to it.

Fans haven’t exactly responded well to Nikki’s recent Bachelor bashing. After she tweeted that she’d rather lose her eye sockets than watch BiP, one follower tweeted “Well that is kinda rude. Good thing you ‘won’ or they would have invited you.” Another tweeted “Earth to Nikki, I don't know if you realize that you're the trainwreck that's with Juan.” Take a hint, Nikki — fans think ees not OK to bash BiP!

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Source: Nikki on Twitter