Bachelor 2014’s Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley: Drama Queens or Fierce Competition?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014’s Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley: Drama Queens or Fierce Competition?

This week may have marked a turning point for Nikki Ferrell — and not necessarily in a good way. The Bachelor Season 18, Episode 4 showed Nikki morph from sweet fan favorite (Kiddo Nurse Nikki!) to habitual complainer (Negative Nikki). At the same time, one of her chief rivals for Juan Pablo Galavis’s affections, Clare Crawley, hit the accelerator on the possessiveness that first popped up last week.

In a silly twist, fit for a reality TV show about love and war, both seemed to drop popularity points in the house while rising in the Juan Pablo polls in the Seoul, South Korea episode.

Clare took shots at Nikki for the classic complaint that she’s “one way with JPG and another way with the other girls,” while Clare was mocked by Andi Dorfman and Kelly Travis for her melodramatic fear of octopus on their group date. But just about every girl in the house had something negative to say about someone this week. Heck, even Saint Renee Oteri got into the act when questioning Sharleen Joynt’s motherhood potential behind Shar’s back.

So, yeah, breaking news: the girls on this show can be catty. But does it really mean that much if the other girls don’t all bond like besties? After all, it’s one of our favorite drinking games when someone says he or she is “not here to make friends.” The women are there to compete for love, not pledge a sorority, so of course they’re going to target the girls they find most threatening...

In Defense of Nikki

Bachelor 2014’s Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley: Drama Queens or Fierce Competition?
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Nikki’s behavior was one of the centers of Chris Harrison’s new Entertainment Weekly blog, and he seems to be on her side. “Nikki was definitely the center of the controversy on this [K-Pop] date, but do you think the criticism and drama surrounding her is fair?” Chris asked. “Does she create the drama around her or are the girls starting to not like her because she’s getting so much attention from Juan Pablo? He clearly likes Nikki and gave her the rose once again on the group date.”

That’s two group date roses in a row for Nikki. A lot of viewers were ticked at Nikki for being so negative on the K-Pop date, but it was about dancing in front of thousands of strangers, which is a nightmare for some people. Plus, she was on the date with a bunch of giggling cheerleader types — two of the girls were actually sports team dancers, so of course they were happier to dance. Nikki was just being “real” instead of acting like this is one big beauty pageant.

In Defense of Clare

Bachelor 2014’s Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley: Drama Queens or Fierce Competition?
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Chris also kinda sorta stood up for Clare, who has been showing a different kind of negativity. “On the second group date, Juan Pablo and the ladies set out to take in the culture of Seoul,” Chris wrote. “Much like Nikki, Clare seems to be a target for drama and controversy. I think the same question applies for Clare as well. Is she a drama queen? Does she deserve to be the center of attention, or is she just a front-runner?”

Clare got mad at Nikki for stealing JPG’s attention when she already had a rose, but Clare is also known to do whatever it takes to get close to Juan Pablo. But why is that a bad thing?

Do you think Nikki and Clare both deserve drama queen reputations or are they just targeted because they are actually making moves to get Juan Pablo’s attention? Do you like both of them, or one more than the other?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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