What Does Bachelor 2014’s Nikki Ferrell Do for a Living?
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The Bachelor

What Does Bachelor 2014’s Nikki Ferrell Do for a Living?

At this point on the show, we’re pretty sure Bachelor contestant Nikki Ferrell would probably be content with the job of "Future Vessel of Juan Pablo Galavis' Babies," but the same could be said for all the remaining ladies.

So, let's take a trip down memory lane and chat about this gal's impressive resume. Before she was going on romantic dates to the Gates of Hell with Juan Pablo, Nikki was working not one, but two jobs in her native Kansas City, Missouri!

Not only was Nikki a professional model (check out her fabulous posing skills in this fashion video!), she also has a full-time job as a pediatric nurse. As we saw in Nikki’s pre-packaged video, this sarcastic and witty blonde bombshell chooses to spend her time taking care of sick children. Basically, she is perfect and wonderful in all ways. Bow down.

We're super impressed by Nikki's selfless career as a sexy nurse, but who knows what this gal will get up to once The Bachelor is over! We're thinking Nikki has a future as an even more professional model now that she's had some media exposure, or maybe she could follow in Ali Fedotowsky's footsteps and use her sweet-and-sassy personality to become a bubbly television host! Either way, we expect big things from Nikki. Even bigger than Juan Pablo's bulge(ing biceps).

However, let's not forget that the children of Kansas City need this girl's help… Sigh, it's conflicted times like this when we ask ourselves, WWCHD? (What Would Chris Harrison Do?)