Nikki Ferrell’s Ex Wants Her Back! Will She Leave Juan Pablo for Him?
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Nikki Ferrell’s Ex Wants Her Back! Will She Leave Juan Pablo for Him?

Doesn’t it seem like everyone wants what they can’t have? Sure enough, just as things appear to be going swimmingly for Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis’s relationship, Nikki’s ex-boyfriend has now decided that he regrets having dumped her just before The Bachelor started taping. And now, he’s trying to win her back. (Good luck with that, dude.)

Ryan McDill, who owns and manages an auto parts shop in Kansas City, dated Nikki for about a year until he ended things with her in July 2013. Ryan tells Life & Style that he split with her because she wanted to get married and start a family, and he “wasn’t really ready.” However, Ryan says he started having second thoughts about the breakup before she appeared on The Bachelor. Now, though, he’s changing his tune.

Ryan tells the magazine he “could see the two of us working out long-term” and “could see having a family with her.” My, how things change...

So should Nikki take Ryan back? Granted, the couple looked adorable together when they were still an item. But frankly, we think it’s a bit ridiculous that Ryan dumped her and, now that she’s famous and in a steady relationship, wants a do-over. Ryan is apparently choosing to believe rumors that Ferravais are having issues, so he probably thinks he can lure her back. That said, his previous comments about how Nikki has changed since becoming a reality star probably won’t exactly endear her to his cause.

If you ask us, Ryan needs to stop talking to the media and just let Nikki live her life. Indeed, by constantly sending messages to Nikki through the press, one might say that Ryan McDill is starting to come off as a bit of a “McDillweed.” Not that we would ever say such a thing about him, of course.

Do you think Nikki should leave Juan Pablo for her ex? Or does her ex need to back off?

Source: Life & Style