Juan Pablo Galavis Challenges Nikki Ferrell to Do WHAT?! (VIDEO)
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Challenges Nikki Ferrell to Do WHAT?! (VIDEO)

Just recently, Juan Pablo Galavis admitted that his relationship with Bachelor 18 winner Nikki Ferrell has its “ups and downs,” but there definitely seem to be more ups of late. Within the last month, the couple has celebrated JPG’s birthday together, professed their love on social media, and hung out with Juan Pablo’s daughter Camila. And the positivity keeps on flowing with a new video, courtesy of the Bachelor himself.

Not one to be left out of a fun and worthy trend, Juanny Pabs took to Facebook this week to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that’s been making its way across social media. The challenge asks participants to dump a bucket of ice water over their heads and/or donate $100 to a foundation benefiting the terminal illness (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease).

JP was challenged by the Houston Dynamo Girls and Rodolfo El Chamo, and decided he’d partake, taking to a balcony in his native Miami to do the deed. After his mini wet T-shirt contest went down — we have to admit, dude’s got abs for days — the casanova challenged his pals, former NFL and reality star Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Greivis Vasquez. He also threw out the dare to his “catira” (his blondie) Nikki. Looks like his lady friend is never far from mind… even if the media says otherwise.

JPG is hardly the first Bachelor Nation-er to get involved with the great cause. Josh Murray and Andi Dorfman did so a while back, and Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici had a little fun with it earlier in the week. Way to go, guys!

And if you haven’t participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge yet, head over here to learn more about the cause, and don’t forget to donate to the ALS Association!

Do you think Nikki will live up to the challenge? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: Juan Pablo Galavis on Facebook