Nikki Ferrell Is “Extremely Negative,” Fooling Juan Pablo, Says Elise Mosca
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Nikki Ferrell Is “Extremely Negative,” Fooling Juan Pablo, Says Elise Mosca

Guess which blonde Bachelor babes probably won’t be sending each other Christmas cards next year? We’re guessing that would be Elise Mosca and Nikki Ferrell, whom Elise called out hard for her negativity. The blonde departee was denied a rose on Season 18, Episode 4 and in her post-show conference call she repeatedly mentioned that Schemey Nicks is not on her nice list.

Elise thinks Nikki has Juan Pablo Galavis “fooled” at this point by acting happy around him, and then dumping on everything when he’s not around, including saying “really disgusting things.” And Elise doesn’t think the girls’ distaste for Nikki — or Clare Crawley — is based on jealousy and is rooted in the idea that negativity and insecurity are being rewarded.

Elise told reporters that she’s a positive person, but some girls in the house would complain about everything and were even disrespectful to the staff. She got more specific with her comments, adding that she and Nikki are just very different people. “Nikki and I got along but her sarcasm is sometimes extremely negative with negative words, you know. And I don’t handle myself that way, even if in a sarcastic manner."

Nikki Ferrell Is “Extremely Negative,” Fooling Juan Pablo, Says Elise Mosca
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Juan Pablo may like Nikki’s sarcastic side, but he didn’t hear all her complaints about the K-Pop date. He only saw the smiles she faked in South Korea, but while she was with the other women on the bus, Nikki couldn’t stop talking about how much she hated it. Elise continued, saying that Nikki saw the worst about everything, even saying “really disgusting things.” What things? “Things that I wouldn’t even want to repeat because it’s so negative that, the girls, we were just so confused because we’re all embracing the moment.” (She should really just explain that one since now we can assume all kinds of horrible things.)

The Nikki dissing continued when a reporter asked Elise if she thought Nikki had JPG fooled. “Oh, I definitely think Nikki at this point, Episode 4, had him fooled,” Elise hinted. “Because she’s not showing, when Juan Pablo clearly asked, ‘Did you have fun today.’ She says, ‘Yes.’ But she clearly says, it was the worst moment of her life. So that’s probably, that’s actually an outright lie.”

She thinks JPG is not getting the full picture, but the Bachelor/ettes never do. Elise said she doesn’t know where things go from here but she hopes Nikki “gets a little more honest with him.”

All in all, not the biggest endorsement for Nikki, but it’s not like Elise was going to marry her anyway. This “journey” is about Juan Pablo connecting with someone, and for all we know he’s fine with Nikki complaining about stuff behind his back. There’s someone for everyone out there, and JPG has taken hits for his own recent actions (on and off screen), so maybe his best bet is someone equally … complicated.

What do you think of Elise’s comments on Nikki? Does it change your perspective on either woman?

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