Nikki Ferrell’s Friends Worry That Juan Pablo Will Break Her Heart — Report
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Nikki Ferrell’s Friends Worry That Juan Pablo Will Break Her Heart — Report

We doubt that anyone watching the “After the Final Rose” special would argue that the facial expression Nikki Ferrell was making — while listening to Juan Pablo Galavis grouse about this and that — was one of a person in a stable, loving relationship. And unsurprisingly, Nikki’s closest friends are said to be worried about the direction that their relationship is heading.

As we learned on Monday night’s “After the Final Rose”... actually, what did we learn? Nikki reiterated that she’s in love with him, whereas Juan Pablo wasn’t too forthcoming about his own feelings for his Season 18 “winner.” However, we think we learned that the two are working on their relationship but taking things slowly. They appeared to have been discussing plans to live in L.A. together, but that fell through when Dancing With the Stars was taken away from Juan Pabs (for obvious reasons).

Now, according to E! Online, Nikki’s pals worry that Juan Pablo’s feelings for Nikki aren’t as strong as hers are for him. (Ya think?) A source says that her friends “think she's going to get her heart broken.” Uh-oh. And word has it that the couple definitely has been having issues, as “they fight… but [then] they make up.”

A report before the show aired mentioned that if they are together at the finale, it's probably just an act," supporting the idea that things aren’t all love and roses.

While part of the job description of being a good friend is to be wary of new significant others, we can see why Juan Pablo would be particularly tough to trust. After all, his complete resistance to say anything sweet or meaningful about their relationship at the ATFR has to be a serious red flag.

Do you think Nikki’s friends are right to worry? Or should they stay out of it?

Source: E! Online