Nikki Ferrell Meeting Guys While Clubbing — How Did Juan Pablo React?
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Nikki Ferrell Meeting Guys While Clubbing — How Did Juan Pablo React?

Is there anyone out there who actually thinks long-distance relationships are a good idea, particularly for a fairly new couple? If so, then you may be in for a shockeroo when you read about the road bumps that Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell have encountered as they try to keep their romance alive while separated by 1,000 miles.

Things seemed to be going swimmingly for Juan Pabs and Nikki in the first 10 days or so after their Bachelor finale aired. Nikki was staying with him in Miami, where they attended events and went on strolls, and they even jetted off to his pal’s wedding in the Dominican Republic. Everything was pretty much hunky-dory.

Then, real life intervened. She had to return to her job as a pediatric nurse in Kansas City this week, while he stayed behind in Miami to attend baseball spring training for his job as a sports equipment picker-upper (or something like that). And so they’ve been living apart for the past week.

As you might expect, complications are already beginning to ensue. On the evening of March 27, some random dude tweeted at Juan Pablo with the ominous message, “Your ‘gf’ is getting hit on by other guys right now at the club.” Uh-oh. However, Juan Pablo appeared unfazed. “I know, she TEXTED me…” he replied with strangely applied caps-lock, as is his specialty.

So does this text exchange mean there’s trouble in paradise for the couple? We doubt it, since Nikki was probably just having fun with some pals when some Bachelor groupies (guys can be groupies, too, okay?) decided to chat her up. And we don’t really think Juan Pablo has anything to worry about, since Nikki still seems totally smitten with him.

However, it would probably be easier on a new relationship to not have to deal with these kinds of situations. So we’re hoping they find a way to both live in the same zip code before too much longer. That way, Nikki can just talk to Juan Pablo at a club, rather than having to TEXT him from it. (See, Juan Pablo our caps-lock button works, too.)

Do you think Nikki getting hit on by guys at a club portends trouble for the couple?

Source: Juan Pablo on Twitter