Nikki Ferrell’s Family Member Doesn’t Think She’ll Marry Juan Pablo
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Nikki Ferrell’s Family Member Doesn’t Think She’ll Marry Juan Pablo

The more we hear about Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell spending cute little romantic dates together like their recent evening stroll with his daughter, Camila the more optimistic we are that those two crazy kids just might be right for each other. However, one of Nikki's family members is not quite as convinced just yet.

Donald Kendall, who is Nikki's brother's father-in-law (got all that?) tells In Touch that he doesn't see a real bond forming between Nikki and El Bachelor. "We knew a lot of it was just for the cameras," Donald says. "I’m not really sure if they will ever get married." Ouch.

There you have it: Donald is not Team Juan Pablo. And given the fact that Juan Pablo's parents seemed unsure during the Bachelor finale that he was ready for love (although his parents have said that their comments were heavily edited), it appears that some of the people closest to the couple are not expecting a "save the date" anytime soon.

Then again, is Nikki really all that close to her brother's father-in-law? It's hard to believe that he would really know what Nikki and Juan Pablo's relationship is like. Still, we can't imagine that Nikki is going to appreciate him saying that.

Do you agree with Nikki's brother's father-in-law? Or do you think his comments are out-of-line?

Source: In Touch