Couples Therapy Sneak Peek: Juan Pablo Still Struggles to Tell Nikki He Loves Her (VIDEO) — Exclusive
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Couples Therapy Sneak Peek: Juan Pablo Still Struggles to Tell Nikki He Loves Her (VIDEO) — Exclusive

Listening to Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell explain their relationship is sort of like riding a rollercoaster — one second the Bachelor couple is saying that they’re “doing great” and the next they’re admitting that they have their “ups and downs.” One expects that this is something that will be worked out during their upcoming Couples Therapy Season 5 stint, but by the looks of a first exclusive sneak peek from the show, JPG and Nikki are on two very different pages.

As the couple arrives at the celeb-filled therapy house in the premiere, they are shown discussing their relationship and how it got off to a rough start — thanks to the Bachelor 18 finale where Juan Pablo didn’t propose or say “I love you” to Nikki. The beautiful blonde admits she had a hard time not being able to “stand up for” her man against the public criticism. Despite that difficult situation, the reality TV hunk does not seem to regret his initial decision.

“In the Venezuelan community, it means something, you know?” JPG explains to the VH1 cameras, in reference to dropping the L-bomb. “It’s like to propose to somebody — it means something! You’re not just go proposing to whoever and then breaking up..” Huh.

Yeesh, doesn’t sound like Juan has much faith in his connection with Nikki. He even says, “I don’t know yet,” when asked whether he’ll ever say those three little words. Meanwhile, Nikki appears to be living in a totally different universe...

The 27-year-old nurse explains that she doesn’t expect her boyfriend to say “ILY” back when she says it, justifying (rightly so) that “in all reality, we haven’t been dating that long.” However, she remains positive. “But he does, he loves me. He’s committed to this.”

Add to that the fact that, when Juanny P is asked whether Nikki is “the one,” he answers “I think she’s in the right track,” then turns right around and adds, “Everything that she does that I don’t like, I’m like, ‘Is this going to work?’” Whoa, confusing much?

The main issue the couple keeps citing is their physical distance — she’s in Kansas City, he’s in Miami. For Nikki, she doesn’t necessarily want a ring at the end of the show, just “a guarantee that if I leave Kansas City and I move wherever with Juan Pablo, we are going to continue to take forward steps in our relationship. For me, I want to get married and I want to have a family.”

And for the Bachelor himself? “Coming to therapy, I want to make sure that I’m super, 100 percent on what we’re doing.” Huh.

There’s clearly no telling where the Bachelor falls in his feelings towards Nikki — we think Katy Perry has a good song for this — though she’s obviously all-in. Should turn out well for these two, right?

Couples Therapy premieres tonight, September 10 at 9 p.m. ET on VH1.

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