Juan Pablo Galavis Wants Nikki Ferrell to Quit Her Job and Pursue Modeling — Report
Credit: Nikki Ferrell on Instagram    

Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Wants Nikki Ferrell to Quit Her Job and Pursue Modeling — Report

We know that Juan Pablo Galavis has skills on the soccer field — but does he also have a hidden talent for career counseling? A new rumor suggests that Juan Pabs is trying to convince Nikki Ferrell to pursue a more glamorous line of work. But just wait until you read Nikki’s shocking reaction to this claim!

Us Weekly reports that JPG want his girlfriend to quit her job as a pediatric nurse in Kansas City and instead parlay her reality-TV fame into a coveted gig involving posing for the cameras. “He wants Nikki to work as a model or TV personality in Miami,” Juan Pablo’s friend says. And while Nikki is reportedly considering moving to Miami, she would prefer to continue working as a nurse. “She loves her job,” adds the source.

Nikki who has modeled in the past certainly has the stunning looks and physique for the job. But she is making it clear on Twitter that there is no truth to this story. “You'd think @usweekly would run out of things to make up one of these days,” she tweeted. “Today is not that day. #liesonlies #idiots.”

Nursing seems to be ideal for Nikki, since she’s so great with kids, not to mention that Juan Pablo had previously stated that he loves how passionate Nikki is about nursing. So we’re having a little trouble believing Us Weekly’s source. Plus, pediatric nurses presumably get access to an unlimited supply of lollipops — and who would want to give that up?

What do you think of this report that Juan Pablo wants Nikki to change careers?

Sources: Us Weekly, Nikki on Twitter