Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Hit Relationship Milestone: What and Why?
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Hit Relationship Milestone: What and Why?

The Bachelor Season 18 golden couple Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell had a very busy weekend — which probably involved playing the license plate game at some point. Indeed, the two embarked on a serious road trip, after which Nikki did something with Juan Pablo that she never thought she’d do!

The happy couple spent the weekend driving (see photo) along the California coast while stopping briefly in San Francisco for a baseball game, natch before ending up in Oregon on April 26. They were the guests of honor at Valley Wide High School’s dance to raise money for a student who’s battling cancer.

After arriving, Nikki tweeted that it took a “long night of driving” to get there but that she and Juan Pablo were now “so excited to get our dance on.” And when one Twitter follower was surprised by this message, given Nikki’s typical aversion to shaking her moneymaker on the dance floor, Nikki responded, “I can make an exception for a good cause like the @TumorHaterDance every once in a while!”

No joke, we will never forget how much Nikki hated dancing in South Korea on The Bachelor 2014’s fourth episode. It was ugly, but it’s why we love that Nikki and Juan Pabs got involved in such an important cause. And how cute is it that they were able to make an adventure out of their road trip?

We also got a kick out of the event’s poster, which advertised the couple as being from “that prime time hit dating show.” It sounds like Ferravis is still not on great terms with The Bachelor producers, since the poster passed on using the name of the show! And here we thought that their drama with the show was water under the bridge after Nikki recently grabbed a drink with a Bachelor producer.

Speaking of “that prime time hit dating show,” we wonder if Nikki borrowed any of pal Andi Dorfman’s moves on the dance floor this weekend. Then again, Andi’s trademark sprinkler move isn’t for novices.

Are you surprised that Nikki was willing to dance? And what do you think of their road trip?

Source: Nikki on Twitter