Should Nikki Ferrell Have Accepted Juan Pablo’s Rose — But Not a Ring?
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Should Nikki Ferrell Have Accepted Juan Pablo’s Rose — But Not a Ring?

Being the Bachelor is tough, but being the final girl? Well, as Nikki Ferrell proved on tonight’s Bachelor 2014 finale, it’s definitely not a job for the faint of heart — especially for a girl who looks damn good in jewelry. On the March 10 finale, Juan Pablo Galavis picked Nikki but didn’t propose, opting instead to hand off a final rose.

Back when this all went down in November 2013, Nikki was ready to get engaged. She told Juan Pablo’s family as much, told JPG she wanted to be with him forever, and told the cameras that she couldn’t imagine life without him. She had already told him she loved him back on the Fantasy Suites episode, and was hoping to hear the same from him, once he dumped whatshername. So, when Juan Pablo told her that he had a ring, but wasn’t going to give it to her, Nikki was clearly trying to hide her shock and disappointment.

Juan Pablo’s exact words were that he “likes her a lot. A LOT,” but that he didn’t love her (yet?) and wasn’t 100 percent sure he was ready to get engaged. So he offered her a rose. Nikki hesitated a moment before accepting it. And we want to go back to that moment: should she have taken another few minutes to think about it?

We’re sure editing wouldn’t have had a problem cutting that down into whatever they wanted it to be (kidding! We love you for saving this season!). Should she have realized Juan Pablo maybe wasn’t ever going to be ready to propose, and run to see if Clare had room on her ship?

The Bachelor host with the most, Chris Harrison, seemed shocked by the turn of events, especially when the couple made their debut on “After the Final Rose” four months after the finale was filmed… and nothing had changed. Juan Pablo still hasn’t told Nikki he loved her, though she repeated several times that he “showed her” he did. Whatever that means.

So, we have to ask: knowing now that she’d still be ringless and loveless (or, at least, ILY-less) four months later, should Nikki have accepted the rose instead of an engagement ring? Hit the poll and then defend your choice in the comments below!

I still don't understand what happened

What a great finale!

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