Is Bachelor 2014’s Nikki Ferrell Really a Villain? Ali Fedotowsky Says…
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Is Bachelor 2014’s Nikki Ferrell Really a Villain? Ali Fedotowsky Says…

Right after The Bachelor Season 18 premiere, people told Ali Fedotowsky she looked a lot like nurse Nikki Ferrell. And besides looking alike, they have a few things in common: Ali was also an outspoken, fast-talker who dropped truth bombs about the drama girls (specifically Vienna Girardi) back on The Bachelor Season 14.

So, it makes sense if Ali feels a little connection to our Schemy Nix, and the former Bachelorette used part of her Episode 4 E! News blog to defend the dance-hating nurse.

"Many of you on Twitter seemed to think that Nikki became the villain of the season last night," Ali wrote. "I don't necessarily agree. Only a couple of the girls seemed to think she was negative, and I just didn't see it (from the footage we were shown)."

We see what Ali’s saying. Basically, Nikki didn't want to dance in front of thousands of K-Pop fans in South Korea, just like Chelsie Webster didn't want to jump off a bridge, and Clare Crawley didn't want to eat octopus. We all have our fears, and Nikki was open about hers. Besides, it was mostly Clare dissing Nikki, possibly from jealousy, and Kelly Travis even defended Nikki in a deleted scene (below), when Clare was clearly trying to launch a Nikki-trashing session.

So, for now, Ali is sticking with Team Nikki. "At this point in the season, I find Nikki to be incredibly real and I dig that about her. Yes, at the rose ceremony she should have given the others girls time with him first before she got time with him, but I totally understand wanting to spend SOME time with him." That's what they're there to do!

Some people already dissing Nikki as the season "villain" may just be parroting spoilers instead of thinking for themselves. Who didn't complain about someone or something this week? Clare was as much a source of drama as Nikki. Girls who've had "villain" edits in the past — like Vienna or Courtney Robertson — were shown in a much more negative light and much earlier in the season than Episode 4. Nikki doesn't really fit the mold — at least not yet, anyway. Maybe that will change, but to come out of this week saying Nikki is suddenly a villain seems like a stretch.

Do you agree that it's too soon to be taking shots at Nikki or are you just not a fan of the negative nurse?

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