Nikki Ferrell Shades Female Fan For Dreaming About Juan Pablo Galavis
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The Bachelor

Nikki Ferrell Shades Female Fan For Dreaming About Juan Pablo Galavis

It’s probably a good rule of thumb to avoid telling someone that you’ve been dreaming about their boyfriend, mmkay? It’s a life lesson that a Bachelor fan learned the hard way after she told Nikki Ferrell about her Juan Pablo Galavis-related fantasies.

On April 6, a fan named Sarah tweeted, “Had a dream about @JuanPaGalavis last night #sorrynikki.” And Nikki was quick to respond, writing “Good for you girl! But I had the real thing last night.” Oh, snap! As for Juan Pablo, he tweeted, “Jajajajaja Besitos Sarah!!!” Then, Sarah awkwardly tweeted in response to Nikki, “Hahaha me too.” Uh… TMI, Sarah. And no, you didn’t.

So was Nikki a little too harsh in her response to Sarah? Granted, tone can be tough to detect on Twitter. But it does seem like Nikki is being sarcastic with her “good for you,” not to mention that she’s quite eager to flaunt that she gets to hook up with JPG on the reg, while Sarah only has her Juan Pab-shaped pillow to cuddle up to.

Still, we’re happy that things appear to be going so well for Nikki and Juan Pablo, as he reportedly told her recently that he loves her. At any rate, it’s clear that Juan Pablo enjoyed Sarah’s message a lot more than Nikki did.

What do you think about Nikki’s response to this fan?

Source: Nikki on Twitter

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