Why Nikki Ferrell Should NOT Win the Bachelor 2014
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Why Nikki Ferrell Should NOT Win the Bachelor 2014

Since her Miami one-on-one with Juan Pablo Galavis — during which she met his daughter, Camila — Nikki Ferrell has pretty much had a firm grasp on the title of The Bachelor Season 18 frontrunner. And while those two definitely have a strong bond, there are plenty of reasons why he shouldn’t hand her his final rose.

For starters, whenever someone causes major drama among the other ladies in the house, it’s never a good sign. The most recent example of that is Courtney Robertson, as she and Ben Flajnik were already at odds with one another when they appeared on their “After the Final Rose.” Apparently, watching the woman you love completely diss the women you almost loved is not exactly healthy for a relationship.

And so, while Nikki never reached Courtney levels of troublemaking (read: Nikki thankfully never used the term “winning”), we can imagine that Juan Pablo might not like seeing her calling Clare Crawley “fking crazy.” And the fact that so many of the ladies claimed to not be on Team Nikki at the “Women Tell All” is a red flag.

But there also seems to be something missing in their connection. Nikki doesn’t seem as bored by him as, say, Sharleen Joynt was at time, but we can sense their conversations are lacking a bit for Nikki — and not just because Juan Pablo had no idea what she meant by her “wheels turning.”

Plus, remember how Nikki pulled Juan Pablo aside during the cocktail party, despite the fact that she had already gotten a rose? Well, based on the show's history, the ladies who are the most stable and secure are rarely the ones who pull the Bachelor away once they've secured a spot. No offense, Nik.

So we’ll have to wait until Monday to see for sure whether Juan Pablo indeed chooses Nikki and if he proposes. But just because they’ve seemingly hit (baseball pun!) it off so far, doesn’t mean Nikki should be the last woman standing.

Do you think Juan Pablo would be making a mistake by picking Nikki?