Juan Pablo Galavis Spotted Getting Close to Another Woman in Atlantic City
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Spotted Getting Close to Another Woman in Atlantic City

Looks like that Couples Therapy gig is going to come in handy. Bachelor 18 Juan Pablo Galavis and his girlfriend (and season winner) Nikki Ferrell are in the midst of filming the VH1 star-studded relationship reality show, but just this week, JPG was spotted in Atlantic City chatting up a mystery brunette. So is it all innocent, or is there something else going on?

According to the woman in question, who has since been identified as Ang Cottone — the “MILF Mom” who fought with Tan Mom on Howard Stern, so grain of salt — she was approached by the former Bachelor during his friend’s birthday event at the Pool After Dark club in Harrah’s casino. As Ang tells it, Juan Pablo recognized her and invited her to the DJ booth, where he got really close.

While those who see the pictures (at the link here) might think it was just a conversation, Ang says otherwise. TMZ’s sources claim she was telling people at the club that Juanny Pabs was “incredibly flirtatious” and even asked for her number.

J.P. was at Pool After Dark in Harrah's for Pauly D's DJ set, celebrating a mutual friend's birthday. Hmm. We’re going to reserve our judgment on this one, as we know little of this woman. Plus, Juan Pablo just tweeted at Nikki over the weekend, telling her how much he missed her. Doesn’t sound like a man who has checked out of his relationship to us! Not to mention the fact that this was a very public event (DJ Pauly D was spinning), so Juan surely knew the eyes were on him...

Guess we’ll have to tune into Couples Therapy when it returns for its fifth season on September 10 to see if they can work past the rumors!

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Source: TMZ