Nikki Ferrell to Trista Sutter Over Juan Pablo Negativity: “Just Stop”
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Nikki Ferrell to Trista Sutter Over Juan Pablo Negativity: “Just Stop”

Things are getting a bit dysfunctional in the Bachelor Nation family. Indeed, Season 18 winner Nikki Ferrell is proving that she has no qualms about going toe-to-toe with anyone who questions her relationship to Juan Pablo Galavis — even if that person is O.G. Bachelorette Trista Sutter.

The feathers started flying when Trista told Life & Style that Nikki should find out whether Juan Pablo is “doubting [their] relationship,” given how reticent he was to say the L-word at their “After the Final Rose.” Trista says they should only get married “because they love each other” and that Nikki should “have a heart-to-heart” if Juan Pablo doesn’t actually have strong feelings for her. Trista adds that she “can’t speak to their personal relationship” because she doesn’t know them.

Now, Nikki is firing back on Twitter. On April 2, she wrote, “You're right @tristasutter you can't ‘speak to our relationship’ because you don’t know either one of us. But thank you for playing #juststop.” Wow! The next day, Nikki seemed to backpedal just a tad. “Nothing personal against @tristasutter I was just making the point of how can you have an opinion on something you have no real knowledge of,” she tweeted. In other words, perhaps Juan Pablo’s “honesty” is starting to rub off on his girlfriend?

Uh, is it getting tense in here, or is it just us? We can certainly see why Nikki would be sensitive to Trista discussing her relationship with Juan Pablo without getting to know them first. Still, we think that Trista’s comments weren’t actually that harsh, considering she’s been dishing out the real talk in her blog all season. Perhaps Nikki was bothered by the fact that the article’s headline used a quote from Trista to imply that their relationship breaks Trista’s heart, although Trista tweeted that the quote was taken out of context.

Given everything we’ve seen about Nikki and Juan Pablo’s post-finale time together, they truly do seem to be getting to know each other and developing a strong bond. So we think they should continue to focus on what they have and ignore the haters. Or, you know, tell them to eff off on Twitter, if that’s more their style.

Do you think Nikki is right to get upset over Trista’s critiques, or did she overreact? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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