Nikki Ferrell’s Ex vs. Juan Pablo Galavis: Who’s the Hotter Couple?
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Nikki Ferrell

Nikki Ferrell’s Ex vs. Juan Pablo Galavis: Who’s the Hotter Couple?

Bachelor 2014’s reigning sweethearts, Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell, are beautiful together — no matter how you feel about their relationship, or anything else. The tall, slim model and pediatric nurse looks great in anything, and has a sparkle Tierra LiCausi would kill for.

But while Juan Pablo is her present, it’s hard not to look at Nikki’s past and slow-clap for the hotness of her and ex Ryan McDill (whose picture Reality Steve rounded up). Just look at them together with their matching beauty: perfect, glowing skin and shiny hair, wide smiles, and total control over wearing that challenging steel-blue-gray color. Champions. Nikki and her ex long-time boyfriend from Missouri look like they probably spend their weekends at charity events (in fact, that pic looks like something of the sort) and know where the Poconos are.

Compare that to her new boyfriend (yep, not fiancé, mind you), Juan Pablo. The 32-year-old Bachelor has a killer body -- which ABC generally shared with us whenever the alternative was a thoughtful moment of reflection with Chris Harrison. His stubble and pomaded faux-hawk give him a little of the bad boy air, but that could just be because of the naughty look in his eyes. Beside him, Nikki looks much younger, even though the photo is obviously more recent and she’s only about five years younger than JPG.

Nikki is beautiful, and Ryan and Juan Pablo are both very handsome. But, based on appearance alone in the above pics, who do you think is the better couple? Do you dig the blue-blooded coupling of Nix ‘n Ry (we dibs that for our future bar’s name), or is the sexy pairing of Nikki and her Bachelor the winning combination? Weigh in below!

Source: Reality Steve

I love Nikki!

I miss Clare

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