Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Drop $860 at Canadian Sex Shop!
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Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Drop $860 at Canadian Sex Shop!

We know vampires can get kinky sometimes — hello, biting! — but we never really thought that Ian Somerhalder was just as much of a bad boy as his on-screen counterpart, Damon Salvatore. Thanks to a new report from TMZ, it’s clear that Ian and new girlfriend Nikki Reed are having lots of, ahem, fun together.

The site has photos of Ian and Nikki at a Toronto sex shop and reports that the couple spent a grand total of $860 before heading out. Either these two are buying lots of toys for some soon-to-be-married pals or they’re stocking up for some warm Atlanta nights — they have reportedly living together, after all. The spoils of their shopping spree? Vibrators, handcuffs, and restraints. We’ll let your imagine take it over from there!

Apparently the off-duty employee at the Seduction Love Boutique thought he recognized the Vampire Diaries star, telling TMZ he said, “You look like Zac Efron.” Major facepalm, you guys. We’re not sure what this pop culture-challenged dude was thinking Sunday night, but Ian laughed it off and said, “Nope, wrong guy.”

We’re glad to see Ian and Nikki enjoying themselves — no matter how they’re accomplishing it.

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