Nikkole Paulun Undergoes Breast Implant Surgery, Dishes on New Bra Size
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Nikkole Paulun Undergoes Breast Implant Surgery, Dishes on New Bra Size

Rumors and speculation about Nikkole Paulun's lovely lady lumps have been swarming around the Internet, and she's finally setting the record straight! After posting a busty photo of herself to Twitter, Nikkole's fans assumed she'd gone under the knife and gotten surgically enhanced breasts. Nikkole vehemently denied these claims, but also revealed her future plans to get implants. Well, guys? Looks like girlfriend's breasticles are better than ever!

"Friday morning I got a surgery done called 'endobam.' It's a 'scarless' breast implant surgery," Nikkole revealed on Sulia.

Endobam implants are popular because the silicone is inserted through the belly button, which means the breasts remain scarless and flaw-free. Oh, and the healing process is much faster!

"I actually went out to Denny's less than 24 hours after my surgery," Nikkole shared. "My breasts feel heavy and the only real discomfort I have is in my belly button. As long as I keep up on my pain meds, I am good to go."

Nikkole wants fans to know that she didn't pay for her surgery from money earned through tabloid interviews. She used savings to finance her implants! So, how was this gal able to afford such an expensive procedure? Not only does Nikkole earn money writing for Sulia, she works at a party store.

"I don't EVER go and blow money, ever. I hate spending any money. I save as much as I can," she explained. "It isn't that hard to save up money when you try! I definitely made sure I would still have money left after the surgery."

Nikkole has yet to share pictures of her enhanced assets, but fear not — she didn't pull a Farrah Abraham. "I didn't want to go HUGE," Nikkole says. "I only got 230 cc's which ends up being a C cup on my body. It's very proportionate for my size."

Can't wait to see Nikkole strut her stuff once she recovers from surgery. We're sure she looks amazing!

Source: Sulia

09.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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