Nikkole Paulun’s Heartbreaking Confession: My Baby Was Stillborn (UPDATE)
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Nikkole Paulun’s Heartbreaking Confession: My Baby Was Stillborn (UPDATE)

UPDATE: On August 29, Nikkole shot down nasty Twitter rumors claiming she faked her pregnancy by releasing her medical records, obtained by The records, dated July 28, indicate that Nikkole did, in fact, experience a miscarriage. “I’ve cried all day about it… it hurts,” Nikkole told the website. “Everything that I have said is completely true and the rumors are just, mean.”

ORIGINAL STORY: After weeks of rumors and speculation, 16 and Pregnant's Nikkole Paulun is finally going on the record about her second pregnancy. Nikkole was accused of faking her pregnancy after posting a few mysterious tweets of herself sporting a flat stomach, and she's been radio silent since — until now.

In a new interview with RadarOnline, Nikkole reveals that her baby was stillborn. "Everything was going okay and last month, my doctor told me that if everything was okay, I could deliver on Aug. 25, which was a week before my due date,” Nikkole shared. “But then on July 27, I felt really weird all day and I kept telling my mom something didn’t feel right.”

Nikkole went to the hospital for a checkup on July 28, where the doctors couldn't find her son Ashton's heartbeat and informed her that he had passed away. "I thought I still felt him moving, so they took me for an ultrasound and they weren’t letting me look at it when they did it,” she says. “They just told me, ‘We’re sorry. He doesn’t have a heartbeat. We’re going to have to deliver to prevent infections and everything.’”

Nikkole had no choice but to deliver her son by induction. “I cried. I was like in shock,” Nikkole says. “I just couldn’t understand why and I was confused. I didn’t think that was actually going to happen.”

Nikkole chose not to get an autopsy to find out her son's cause of death, but doctors insisted on performing a test to ensure that he didn't pass away due to drug use. Obviously, the test came back negative, which means Ashton's cause of death is still unknown.

Nikkole says she kept Ashton's stillbirth out of the media because she was "ashamed and embarrassed" — though she did tell her first son, Lyle, that his little brother "went to heaven."

Nikkole chose to have Ashton cremated, and sewed his ashes inside a toy teddy bear that she bought prior to his death. “When I found out he was a boy, I bought a teddy bear and we had him sewed inside his teddy bear,” she says. “And when I pray, I’ll hold the teddy bear.”

We can't imagine what Nikkole is going through, and hope that she's able to lean on her friends, family, and fellow 16 and Pregnant stars during this time. If you want to send Nikkole your thoughts and prayers, hit up her Twitter @nikkoleMTV.

Source: RadarOnline

08.27.2013 / 12:00 AM EST by Mehera Bonner
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