Nina Dobrev Avoids Hundreds of Ian Somerhalder Questions In #AskNina Interview
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The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev Avoids Hundreds of Ian Somerhalder Questions In #AskNina Interview

The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev avoided hundreds of painful questions from fans about her break up with Ian Somerhalder during a live Twitter interview on Thursday. Despite massive numbers of tweets sent in for the #AskNina event hosted by Vanity Fair, Nina deftly dodged any mention at all of her Vampire Diaries co-star turned lover.

Nina Dobrev, who plays Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce on The Vampire Diaries, reportedly broke up with Ian Somerhalder earlier this month, although neither of them have officially spoken about the split so far. Fans of the on-screen and off-screen couple sent tweets by the handful to Vanity Fair #AskNina moderator Krista Smith (@kristasmith) for the Twitter interview with Nina, but none of those questions were chosen to be featured.

Honestly though, did anyone really expect Nina to want to chat with her fans on Twitter about a painful breakup? That sort of thing is reserved for chats over burgers with your other newly single girlfriends like Julianne Hough!

Nina’s fans did their best, however, to find out what she might have to say about her split from Ian — most of them begging the questions, over and over, “Why Nina, why?”

If you want to read more of the sad, sad questions for Nina about Ian, you can find them here. One girl seems to have sent in the same question about the former couple over a hundred times!

So if Nina wasn’t talking about Ian, even as her Vampire Diaries co-star, what did she have to say in her #AskNina Vanity Fair interview? Check out a full transcript here.

Check out a full summary of the question and answer session here.

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