The Vampire Diaries

Which Former Vampire Diaries Actor Is Having a “Bro Out” With Nina Dobrev? (PHOTO)

During the past five seasons of The Vampire Diaries, the cast and crew has become a tight-knit family. Even the folks who have come and gone tend to remain close to the core of stars, so when Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday come around, you never know who might revive an old gem.

This week, we get a photo of Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) partying with one of her hunky male co-stars, out enjoying a night on the town. Nina and her buddy look like they’re having a good time, sharing a sweet embrace over a nice can of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Which of Nina’s co-stars is she posing with? The only hint we’ll give you is that he is somewhat of a parental figure to her on-screen counterpart and that he lost a few digits during one of the most shocking scenes in TVD history.

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