Nina Dobrev Is Glad Katherine Is Dead: “I Go to Yoga More”
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The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev Is Glad Katherine Is Dead: “I Go to Yoga More”

We’re quite sad that Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) is no longer gracing The Vampire Diaries with her presence — but Nina isn’t too torn up about it. How did she respond to the question of it she missed Katherine? Her answer might surprise you!

How much will Nina miss playing Katherine, TVD’s sassy survivalist vampire? "Not as much as I missed my bed before Katherine was gone," Nina told those gathered at the Vampire Diaries PaleyFest panel, according to E! Online. "I sleep more and I go to yoga more and so I think she had to go eventually and I'm glad that she went in the most epic way possible...being sucked into hell. So it was cool. If you're going to close on a character like that, that was the way to do it. I think we did her justice and I'm happy about that, but it will be sad because that character [was] fun to play."

Fair enough, Nina. The actress has been pulling double-duty — and even, at times, triple-duty — for the past season, and we totally understand her desire to have more time for downward dog. Furthermore, we have to agree with her: If Katherine had to go, then she couldn’t have had a more appropriate send-off.

Of course, now it may be Paul Wesley’s (Stefan) turn to tag into the double-duty acting game. In Thursday’s episode, we will be introduced to another of his doppelgangers: a scruffy-haired EMT who lives in Atlanta. We’re not sure how long Stefan’s doppelganger will stick around given that Caroline and Enzo are currently in the process of collecting him so that the Travelers will kill him and not Stefan, but Paul may not have as much time for yoga in the foreseeable future.

Are you sad that Katherine is gone? Do you think Stefan’s new doppelganger will stick around? Sound off in the comments below!

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