The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev, Matt Davis, and Julie Plec Play “Two Lies and a Truth” About Season 6 (VIDEO)

Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries is just around the corner and we’re thirsty for any and all spoilers we can find about what’s going on with our favorite Mystic Falls characters. Thankfully the entire cast — along with executive producer Julie Plec — was just at 2014 Comic-Con and were dishing tidbits about the new season.

Check out the video above to see Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert), Matt Davis (Alaric Saltzman), and Julie all reveal some spoilers about what will be happening this fall. The catch? Only one of the things they tease — out of three options — is actually true. That’s right, these guys played a rousing game of “Two Lies and a Truth” with HitFix. Here are the teases:

Nina Dobrev:
1. Elena is not very upset about Damon dying and everyone around her is concerned for that reason.
2. She has a lesbian love affair in college. She’s experimenting.
3. She adopts a dog.

Matt Davis:
1. Alaric establishes contact with an extraterrestrial presence outside Mystic Falls.
2. Alaric has a romantic relationship with Elena.
3. Alaric wrestles with being an Original vampire.

Julie Plec:
1. Stefan restores Damon’s car.
2. Elena has a drug problem.
3. Someone gets a miracle cure for a terminal illness.

Think you know which teases are true and which ones are complete fabrications? Watch the video to see if you can read their body language and figure it out!