Nina Dobrev Reveals the Cold, Hard Truth About That Rainy Delena Scene
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The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev Reveals the Cold, Hard Truth About That Rainy Delena Scene

For those hoping for a rain-kissed Delena scene, you should probably find another dream. The Vampire Diaries crew took to the PaleyFest stage this past weekend and, amongst many topics, discussed the possibility of a scene featuring Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) in the rain. Spoiler: it’s not very likely.

Apparently, Delena fans have launched an online campaign for a Delena kissing-in-the-rain scene, but Ian and Nina are none too pleased with the idea. When they filmed this Season 1 rainy scene together (sans kissing), it was so cold that Ian’s face muscles kept freezing up and Nina got sick afterwards.

“The last time we were in the rain together, it was below 30 degrees,” Ian explained. “When the rain frames would come down, the water would hit us and we had to cut because my facial muscles would freeze and I literally could not speak. It was as if I had Bell’s palsy.”

Nina felt so strongly about never filming a rainy scene again, that she actually sent Julie an email after the fact, requesting that if they were to film a similar scene again, her boss would be there as well, and in the same type of costume. Now, when we watch the Season 1 scene, we know that Nina and Ian didn’t have to fake Elena and Damon’s agony over failing to rescue a kidnapped Stefan — their suffering was real.

Are you sad to hear there won’t be a scene involved Delena kissing in the rain? Could you have ever guessed filming that Season 1 scene was so terrible? Sound off in the comments below!

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