While Nina Dobrev has plenty of friends in Atlanta, Georgia (where she films The Vampire Diaries), sometimes she misses her other home, Los Angeles.

To show how much she missed some special people in her life, Nina sent some “smooches” over to the West Coast, snapping an adorable duckface selfie as she got her hair and makeup done on set, reclining in her chair and resting her Ugg-clad feet on the counter.

So, who were the lucky recipients of Nina’s kisses? Bestie Julianne Hough and friend Adam Shankman! The two were missing her and sent a kissy photo to her, with Adam tweeting, “@ninadobrev: @juliannehough and I be missing you. Right Jules?”

Nina responded accordingly, writing, “Sending you both smooches right back - from #TVD set in Hotlanta <333.” Aww, how cute.

While Julianne just visited Nina in Atlanta with a few other close friends, we haven’t seen Adam with her in a while. Hopefully they can all have a pow wow in either Georgia or California soon. It will likely be a few months until Nina gets a real break from TVD, though with Canadian Thanksgiving coming upon Monday, October 14 — that’s America’s Columbus Day — maybe she’ll be taking a trip away from the set.

Are you surprised who Nina is sending smooches to? Do you miss seeing Julianne and Nina together? Sound off below!

Credit: Adam Shankman and Nina Dobrev on Twitter

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