Nina Dobrev has been thrown around, kicked, and been in very dangerous situations on The Vampire Diaries, but off-screen, she’s not usually getting hurt. However, in a recently-uploaded photo, she’s totally wiping out.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, the TVD star shared a pic of her tubing with her bestie Julianne Hough on vacation earlier this year, but it wasn’t all fun and games — she was falling off and making a big splash in the water. Ouch!

“#TBT screen cap from the TV show WipeOut? Nope. This is a REAL LIFE wipeout of me and @juleshough (who is kinda pictured?) haha #summerfun,” she captioned the photo.

We can’t really see Julianne except for her flailing limbs, but we can tell neither of them are enjoying the fall. Nina cropped this photo and added big, caps-locked words: “WIPE OUT!!!!”

Well, we know that Nina clearly wasn’t very hurt since she didn’t tweet about any injuries this summer and she is joking about it now. And honestly, knowing Nina, she just got back up on the tube with Julianne after and continued their fun in the sun!

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