Grey’s Anatomy: New No-Fraternization Rule is “Hypocrisy,” Says Justin Chambers
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: New No-Fraternization Rule is “Hypocrisy,” Says Justin Chambers

Before we watch tonight’s new Grey’s Anatomy episode, let’s back it up to last week’s for a minute. Can we talk about this new no-fraternization rule? Because if the characters actually follow this rule, we’re not exactly sure what our favorite show will even be about.

Lucky for us, it sounds like they’re not planning on taking the rule seriously — but they might play along at first. Especially Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers), who seem to be breaking up at the announcement of the new rule… not that they were getting along when we last left them, anyway.

“The hypocrisy involved with these people enforcing rules on us and they’re all shagging each other when you turn your back, it’s not right,” Justin told TV Guide. “He feels like it’s unjust.”

And, in those terms, we’d have to agree.

But the rule is in place for a good reason — when faced with a lawsuit, the hospital has to act. It’s not so long ago that the hospital was in serious financial trouble, and only recently got back on its feet. Can it weather such bad press right now? Is the board experienced enough to handle something like this yet?

So while we’re not crazy about the rule, we think it’s the right move for the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital board to make in a time like this. Plus, how much fun will it be to watch our favorite couples sneak around?

How long do you think the rule will be in place? Sound off below!

Source: TV Guide