No Lady Stoneheart? Game of Thrones’s 5 Other Most Upsetting Adaptation Changes
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Game of Thrones

No Lady Stoneheart? Game of Thrones’s 5 Other Most Upsetting Adaptation Changes

The news that Lady Stoneheart probably won’t be appearing on Game of Thrones is certainly upsetting to fans of A Song of Ice and Fire, but this is hardly the first time the show has broken book-readers hearts.

Here are the five other changes from the books we still can’t get over.

Where are my dragons?! Virtually everything about Dany’s time in Qarth was changed from the books, from her nearly prophecy-free time in the House of the Undying to her locking up Doreah and Xaro Xhoan Daxos, but the change that irked book fans the most was her dragons being kidnapped. We understand the show trying to add some drama, but come on, if her dragons are that easy to steal, how much of an asset are they, really?

Robb Stark’s Marriage. Not only did Robb marry someone completely different in the books when he wed Talisa, a nurse from Volantis, as opposed to Jeyne Westerling, of the Lannister-loyal House Westerling, but he also married her for completely different reasons. In the books, Robb sleeps with Jeyne while grieving over Bran’s and Rickon’s supposed deaths, and, ever his father’s son, he marries her because it’s the honorable thing to do. In the show, he thinks Talisa’s hot, so he decides to screw over Walder Frey and marry her. Not exactly what Ned would do.

Unnecessary Deaths. Speaking of Robb’s wife, she’s still alive in the books. Not so on the show, where anyone can go at any time! In addition to Talisa and the aforementioned Xaro and Doreah, the show has also killed off Irri, Jojen Reed, Pyp, Grenn, and others who still live on in the books.

Tyrion’s Release. With news of the Stoneheart omission after we saw Beric Dondarrion’s resurrection in Season 3, the show seems to be starting a new habit of cutting out parts it had already foreshadowed. Case in point: Tyrion tells the story of his first wife Tysha in Season 1, he mentions the marriage again to Tywin in Season 3 while discussing his upcoming nuptials to Sansa, but it does not come up when Jaime frees him from his cell. Without the Tysha truth reveal, Tyrion has no reason to enter Tywin’s chambers, and what should have been a great scene just felt confusing.

The Queenraper. Jaime Lannister became something more notorious than Kingslayer when he raped his own sister in front of their dead son. The sex scene does take place in the books, but it’s consensual, and plenty disturbing without adding the rape factor. The scene also proved ultimately unjustified, since Jaime went right back to his redemption arc afterwards and the incident was never mentioned, nor was Cersei put off by it one bit. Not a good change at all.

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