The Walking Dead

Who’s Older, Walking Dead Edition: Andrew Lincoln or Norman Reedus?

Walking Dead actors Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln (that's Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes, respectively) both drive the ladies wild — but in their own, different ways. Daryl's a solid choice for those who like a quiet, rebellious lone wolf; Rick is a leader and a family man who'll do whatever it takes to keep his loved ones safe. Daryl has a troubled past and endless inner torment; Rick has a troubled present and readily expressed outer torment. Daryl has a beard, Rick… sometimes has a beard.

Of course, Rick and Daryl's differences are what makes them a great team while fighting to stay alive during a zombie apocalypse. Daryl's ready with the crossbow while Rick gets everyone organized. Daryl's really great on scouting missions, while Rick's good at holding down the fort.

Another difference? Their ages. While we're not sure of Daryl and Rick's ages, Norman and Andy have a fairly decent gap of five years between them. But which one's the elder of the two?

Get your guesses ready, and click here for the reveal!