Norman Reedus to Make a Book of Fan Art, Shares Submission Details and Deadline
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Norman Reedus to Make a Book of Fan Art, Shares Submission Details and Deadline

UPDATE: Less than a week after his initial tweet for fan art, Norman updated to say thousands of submissions had come in. He also added an deadline: "I've been told May 13th is a good deadline for fan art to be sent in"

Original story:

The love story between The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and his fans is one for the ages, so why not put it in illustrated book form?

Norman doesn’t just get fan letters — or breast implants — he gets amazing artwork from creative viewers. Norman regularly tweets or Instagrams photos of the fan art — usually including the artist’s name, as in this example — but he recently tweeted a plan to take it to the next level.

On April 23, Norman wrote, "love you guys. I’ve decided to make a book of the artwork you’ve made me over the yrs. and new stuff! with your permission of course.x ... please send artwork to (rachel helping me) lets make a fan art book . heck yeah . love you guys. gonna be cool!!"

He also linked to a sketch, presumably done by a fan, adding, "I'm doing a book of u guys artwork. Please send artwork to (Rachel is helping me). Let's do this. And thank you guys for all the cool art. Love u guys."

Norman recently published a photography book of his own, but this would include the work of fans. It sounds like things are still in the early stages, and it’s not clear when/how it will be released, or if it will be for sale, given to contributing fans, etc. If there are proceeds, maybe they’ll go to charity — or Norman could use the funds to throw a huge party for fans, since this will be both for him and from them.

What do you think of the fan book idea? Are you going to contribute a piece, and become a real published artist? If so, what’s your artistic inspiration — Norman himself, or maybe Daryl in a TWD scene?

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October 2014 on AMC.

Sources: Norman on Twitter, Instagram

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