Norman Reedus Gets Crossbow Training in Hilarious Clip From Conan (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus Gets Crossbow Training in Hilarious Clip From Conan (VIDEO)

Any fan of The Walking Dead knows that Daryl Dixon (and by extension, his portrayer Norman Reedus) knows how to handle a crossbow. The swarthy hunter is an excellent shot and has gifted Team Prison with more than his fair share of game over the last three-plus seasons. But during an appearance on Conan last week, the beloved actor admitted that he’s not as skilled an outdoorsmen as his on-screen alter ego.

During his chat with Conan, Norman revealed that he once attempted to go fishing with his son using bacon as bait. While many humans (Norman included) can’t get enough bacon in their lives, the fish weren’t biting. Literally. Norman said the pair fished for over three hours without a single bite. Aww, poor fellas!

In effort to further mock his real-life wilderness bewilderment, Norman appeared in a separate video in which he’s given lessons on how to correctly use a crossbow. Only instead of Daryl’s expert aim and expertise, Norman (jokingly) has a hard time understanding how Daryl’s weapon of choice works.

The clip, which you can see for yourself below, starts off with Norman’s first attempt at using the crossbow. Instead of firing the arrow, Norman throws the entire crossbow at his target. In his second attempt, Norman keeps the crossbow in his hands but rushes to the target on foot.

For his hilarious (and failed!) third attempt, check out the complete clip below!

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11.5.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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