Norman Reedus on Daryl Dixon Hookup With Michonne: “Never Say Never”
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Norman Reedus on Daryl Dixon Hookup With Michonne: “Never Say Never”

Cover your eyes, Caryl shippers — this one's for Team Dixonne.

Because it's not harsh enough to abandon Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) in a bland suburban development on The Walking Dead Season 4, fans are already trying to pair up her Pookie bear, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), with another woman.

We noticed how, in Episode 4, Michonne (Danai Gurira) gave Daryl the first sparkling smile we've ever seen cross her face when talking about how the color of jasper brings out his eyes.


Caryl shippers are still waiting to hear how Daryl will react to the news that his longtime flirtmate has been banished. Will he go after her? There are also some Daryl-Beth shippers out there, despite the huge age difference. And now there's the Dixonne fan base. On the surface, Daryl and Michonne seem to have more personality traits in common than Daryl and Carol. They are the sexy, strong but silent types, usually only speaking up to share a pithy soundbite or wiseass remark.

What does Norman Reedus think about the idea of a Daryl/Michonne hookup? “Never say never,” he told The Daily Beast. “She’s a cute girl. I’m not opposed to it.”

Norman referenced their characters’ discussions about The Governor (David Morrissey), how they both went out to look for him (back in the good old days) after Season 3, but only Michonne continued the search. At the end of Episode 4, she told Daryl he was right, the trail had gone cold. She doesn't need to go out anymore.

“In that whole scene, there’s so much of me telling her to stay,” Norman said. “I like the way that played out, when she said, ‘You’re right.’ I don’t even look at her, I’m just like, ‘Good.’ I don’t like it when things get overly sentimental. You think about these characters and their life, it’s just tragedy on tragedy on tragedy. I like the fact that she’s starting to integrate into this group and she’s starting to let things go. It’s nice to see her smile.”

It was a nice moment for them, even if The Gov. trail wasn't really cold — the bleeping guy is right outside the prison!

Still, all this talk about Daryl and Carol or Daryl and Michonne is only going to upset Richonne fans who already pictured Michonne with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) and baby Judith in a new family photo. Michonne and Rick have perhaps even more sexual tension and more things in common.

Besides, Andrew Lincoln could use something nice like a romance now. Norman told the Daily Beast he'd been getting a lot of Rick hate after Papa Grimes abandoned Carol. "Andy happened to call me the next morning and I’m like, ‘Dude, everyone’s mad at you!’ He goes, ‘I know. I went to my local coffee shop this morning and they were like, ‘Who do you think you are? How could you just leave her on the side of the road like that?’ And [Andy's] like, ‘Just give me my coffee. I stand behind my decision.’”

Ha! Poor Andy. Norman gets worshipped everywhere he goes, he doesn't need dual romances on TV. Let Andy's Rick have some fun — and after being married to nagging Lori for all those years, he deserves some smiles of his own. Do you agree?

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Source: The Daily Beast