Norman Reedus on Daryl Dixon’s Fate: “Maybe I Die in These Back Eight (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus on Daryl Dixon’s Fate: “Maybe I Die in These Back Eight (VIDEO)

The Season 4 midseason finale of The Walking Dead saw two characters bite the dust: Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) whose death we still haven't gotten over, and the one-eyed villain also known as The Governor (David Morrissey). We wouldn’t be surprised if we say goodbye to at least one more main character in the March Season 4 finale, and a recent interview with Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) has also intensified our worries.

In a chat that was filmed for The Wrap’s Drinking With the Stars series, Norman started off by praising the final eight episodes of Season 4, as he has done many times before. “The back eight episodes are some of my favorite episodes so far,” he declared. “They really get into character developement and you see why certain characters fight for what they fight for and what they break down on...I’m very excited.”

That’s all well and good, but when the interviewer noted that Norman must always be worried in the back of his mind about getting killed off, he gave a truly troubling answer.“I have no clue, I have no idea. Maybe I die in these back eight, we don’t know.”

If we had to guess we’d say that Norman is just paying with our emotions and having some fun at our expense (if he really does die, why would he tease it in the first place?!) but with a show like TWD we’ve learned that anything is possible. Plus, Norman’s Daryl is getting an episode of his own, which happened to The Gov. just before his brutal demise...

When The Wrap’s interviewer said that he heard Daryl’s episode is scheduled to air on February 28, Norman played it cool. “I feel like AMC is tracking this from space right now, I can’t tell you anything!”

We know how sensitive to spoilers AMC is, so we can’t blame Norman for not wanting to spill the beans, but we just wish someone would guarantee Daryl’s safety — the suspense is killing us!

Are you genuinely worried that Daryl won’t make it through the second half of Season 4, or is Norman just having some fun with our emotions? Tell us your thoughts and theories below!

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: The Wrap

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