Is Norman Reedus Filming \
Is Norman Reedus Filming “Sky” Movie With Lena Dunham, Diane Kruger? (PHOTOS)
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Is Norman Reedus Filming “Sky” Movie With Lena Dunham, Diane Kruger? (PHOTOS)


Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) already got a shoutout in last week's episode of Girls, when Hannah (Lena Dunham) mentioned that her boyfriend was now being represented by the same agent who handles great actors like The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus. Hannah's dad even had the awed reaction, "You know Norman Reedus?!"

Lena sure does.

You may have noticed that, on January 19, Norman shared this photo in a cowboy hat with his "new buddy," an adorable dog:

New buddy. (Pic cred @lenadunham ) ????

A photo posted by norman reedus (@bigbaldhead) on

He credited the photo to @lenadunham, who has also been sharing photos from what looks like the same area. It appears that Norman, actress Diane Kruger, and Lena are all part of a movie being filmed in the 29 Palms area of California, and apparently the name of the film is Sky.

On January 18, Lena shared this photo with Diane, with the note "So ugly so rude (@dianekrugerperso is the opposite of both those things) #sky #independentfilm #twentyninepalms”:

You can see she referenced Sky there, and Diane did the same in this photo of Norman, which has the caption "Cowboy":


A photo posted by Diane Kruger (@dianekrugerperso) on

Diane also shared other photos from the Cali set, including one of a classic car, noting, "This is my sweet ride in Sky."

Back in October, Deadline revealed that Diane would "head to the American southwest set of Sky to re-team with director Fabienne Berthaud after their 2006 film Frankie and 2010’s Lily Sometimes. The film tracks a woman’s reawakening through her solitary journey into foreign lands and will mark Kruger and Berthaud’s first English-language film together."

Lena also posted the photo shown at the top of the story, writing of herself and Norman: "A sobering hint of what's to come CC: @bigbaldhead #sky #itcostsalotofmoneytolookthischeap."

So clearly Norman, Lena, and Diane are all involved in Sky, although we’ll have to wait for details. Norman and Lena already seem to run in the same NYC hipster circles, and they are both fans of Sleater-Kinney. (Norman just sang in the new "No Cities to Love" video.) In addition to Sky, it would be cool for Norman to have a cameo on Girls, since he’s already been referenced.

Are you excited to hear more about this Sky movie?

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