North West or Blue Ivy — Who Had the Better First Photo? (PHOTOS)
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The Kardashians

North West or Blue Ivy — Who Had the Better First Photo? (PHOTOS)

The moment has finally arrived, Kardashian fans! Rapper Kanye West revealed the first photo of his daughter, North West, with reality star Kim Kardashian on Kris Jenner’s daytime talk show, Kris. The photo of 10-week-old baby being held (we assume by her daddy) with a burping cloth brought us back to the days of yore, when Kanye’s friend and mentor, Jay Z, publically revealed the first photo of his daughter with wife Beyonce, Blue Ivy Carter via Tumblr.

Like Jay Z, Kanye chose to debut his first born on his own terms, which included his own personal photo of the baby without any monetary gain for the act. We thought this was such a classy move on his part, and the fact that the photo was released on his soon-to-be mother-in-law’s show season finale? Icing on the cake.

Naturally, fans of both mogul parents will compare the babies’ first photos, and we’re having a hard time deciding which infant’s reveal was the better.

For one thing, we love the candidness of the North’s photo, which genuinely looks like a snapshot. The baby is looking directly into the camera, and her present burping cloth gives us the feeling that this photo was taken during a real-time baby bonding moment.

North West or Blue Ivy — Who Had the Better First Photo? (PHOTOS)
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However, what North’s photo lacks is the presence of her parents. Blue Ivy was photographed with mama Bey while they were still in the hospital. We even got a photo of daddy Jay holding his baby for the first time, which made it seem like a truly intimate photo and it gave us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

And while both parents released the photos on their own accord, North’s photo was first released on a TV program (that you had to watch) and then posted to Twitter, versus Blue’s photos which were spontaneously uploaded straight to Tumblr for fans around the world to see at a moment’s notice.

But whether their first photos were released online or on TV, both kids are absolutely cute and we can’t wait to see the first photo of their playdate!

Which babies’ first photo reveal do you think was better — North West or Blue Ivy Carter? Sound off below!