North West Visits Kanye At Work in Cutest Photo Ever
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North West

North West Visits Kanye At Work in Cutest Photo Ever


It’s not exactly a secret that North West is one of the cutest celebrity babies ever, but now that we’ve seen some of the newest pictures of her? She may have gotten even more adorable — which we would have thought impossible.


Earlier this week, on Twitter (and on her new app), Kim Kardashian shared a photo of North West visiting her dad, Kanye, at his office during New York Fashion Week, and the photos are way too cute for words. In the pic, North is grinning as she eats a red lollipop, surrounded by Yeezy’s clothing line.

Of course, the daughter of two incredibly fashion-minded folks is dressed as stylishly as usual. In a big grey sweatshirt, skinny jeans, and combat boots, North is definitely runway ready — and better dressed than most of us living in the adult world will ever be.


Since launching her new website last week, Kim has been all about filling us in on the new things happening in North’s life, especially when they have to do with what she’s wearing. The sites did experience a bit of a hiccup shortly after they were unveiled when a hacker exposed a huge security hole in the software, but since then it seems like everything’s good and fans are free to use the sites safely.


Hopefully this means Kim will keep the adorable pics of North coming. We need more!