Does North West Only Wear Designer Fashions? Kim Kardashian Says…
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Kim Kardashian

Does North West Only Wear Designer Fashions? Kim Kardashian Says…

As far as babies in Hollywood go, North West would definitely have to be one of the best dressed. Okay, so she’s no Suri Cruise (yet), but mom Kim Kardashian’s passion for fashion means that Nori’s sporting all the latest trends in baby chic. And have you seen the one-of-a-kind duds that designer Giuseppe Zanotti made especially for her?

We’d usually assume that this means North wouldn’t dare set foot in a department store — much less a Target — but according to Kim, she’s all about finding a good bargain when it comes to North’s wardrobe.

“She wears everything,” Kim said in response to a fan’s question on Mobio INsider.

We’re surprised — but maybe we shouldn’t be. After all, when babies are this size, any clothes are cute clothes. Who can say no to a tiny pair of booties, high-end or not?

And soon, Nori will be able to wear clothes her mom designed specifically with her in mind. Kim’s new line of children’s clothes are a collaboration with designer Lloyd Klein, which Lloyd anticipates will be made with “soft colors, pastels, something very dreamy and still trendy.” And the whole reason Kim decided on making this particular career move was to fill the need for “super affordable clothes for babies.”

“It launches in March,” Kim said. “Kids grow so fast. You need affordable clothes!

Source: Mobio INsider