Juan Pablo Galavis Not Wanted on Dancing With the Stars? UPDATE!
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Not Wanted on Dancing With the Stars? UPDATE!

UPDATE 2/27: It seems like the rumors Reality Steve started about Juan Pablo being a persona non grata on Dancing With the Stars are getting some steam behind them from other news sources (typical, right Steve?). An E! News source reports that Andi Dorfman's confrontation of El Bachelor on Tuesday's Fantasy Suites episode was just another rung in the reasons DWTS producers aren't thrilled at the idea of him hoofing around their stage.

"He's just too risky. There's too much negativity at this point," a source tells the site. While the insider tells E! that he was definitely once under serious consideration for a slot in the competition, he's "no longer wanted" thanks to his performance on The Bachelor this season. Are you surprised?

ORIGINAL STORY 2/19: If Juan Pablo Galavis had a theme song, it would probably be the seminal 1999 classic, “Bailamos” by number one hit-maker Enrique Iglesias. All Bachelor season, JPG has been like bailamos, let the rhythm take you over, ladies. Because why wouldn’t they want to dance with such a dance-loving dancer? Obviously, it makes him the perfect candidate to be on Dancing With the Stars when his show wraps on March 10, and the next season of DWTS begins on March 17, right? Wrong.

Reality Steve revealed in his weekly video blog chat thing that Juan Pablo will not be on Dancing With the Stars next season, despite his declaration to Mario Lopez the week of his premiere, “I like dancing a lot.” With such a strong expression of emotions, we’re surprised ABC didn’t scoop him right up then and there to shake his bon-bon (Ricky Martin!) on TV. Except that we’re not at all surprised.

See, his homophobic comments, saying that it wouldn’t be good for children to watch a gay Bachelor because they are “more pervert,” happened. And according to Reality Steve, that was enough not only for the network to ask Juan Pablo not to attend Sean and Catherine’s wedding, but also to nix him from consideration for DWTS.

Still, ABC hasn’t confirmed a cast yet, or made any comment about whether Juan Pablo was or is in consideration to join the show when it takes over the Monday night primetime slot. So, if it really is his dream to take over the dance floors of the world (because that worked out great in South Korea — woof) maybe all hope is not lost?

Last season’s Bachelor, Sean Lowe, competed on the show, as have other past Bachelor folks, like Jake Pavelka and dance champion Melissa Rycroft. Considering Juan Pablo talks about dancing all the time, this must be a real disappointment for him. Perhaps he’ll get to spend more time with his chosen one, and can make it work out of the spotlight? We’ll hold our breaths.

What do you think about Juan Pablo not being on the show? Are you glad or sad or another single syllable feeling?

Source: Reality Steve, E! News

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