Juan Pablo Galavis Has NOT Said “I Love You” to Nikki Ferrell — Why?
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis Has NOT Said “I Love You” to Nikki Ferrell — Why?

Look, we’re really trying to get on the Ferravis Train, like full-time, but it’s getting tough to figure out where it stops.

Just a few days ago, the word on the street was that Juan Pablo Galavis had finally told Nikki Ferrell that he loves her. And while that’s hardly news in normal relationships, the fact that the Season 18 Bachelor refused to utter the L word on the March 10 finale catapulted it into the “obsess over this” part of our brains.

Although sources claimed that Nikki and JPG skype all the time and are trying to move closer together — the 27-year-old is a nurse in Kansas City, Missouri, while Juan Pablo lives in Miami with his family — that may not be the case, if new reports are to be believed.

An InTouch reporter chatted up the hot and happy couple on April 4, when they were in Las Vegas for the Michael Jackson Celebrity Invitational Gala, and both of them brushed off the question of those three words with ease.

“There’s no need to rush into anything,” Juan Pablo claimed, with Nikki agreeing. “When it’s right, it will be right,” she said. For her, it was right back on the Fantasy Suites date, when she told her 32-year-old boy that she had fallen for him.

So, what’s the deal: When is it right, and when is it not? Well, Juan Pablo made a video for Nikki right after the finale last month that sorta said he was into her, and he’s posted plenty of Instagram photos and videos with “love” in the caption. On Sunday, April 6, the two even posed by a wedding chapel, and on April 8, Nikki tagged a cute photo of herself with her man on Insta, captioned “#sohappy.”

It sounds like if it’s not the right time yet, it’s coming soon.

Source: InTouch

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