‘NSync’s Lance Bass Talks Growing Up Gay, Breaking Into TV — Exclusive
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‘NSync’s Lance Bass Talks Growing Up Gay, Breaking Into TV — Exclusive

Lance Bass is more than just 'NSync! The former boy-bander has built an incredible career — not just in music, but in TV and film, too. And he's using those talents to give back to a charity near and dear to his heart: The Trevor Project, a national 24-hour, toll-free, confidential suicide hotline for gay and questioning youth. Lance, who came out as gay in 2006, says he would have loved to have Trevor Project around while he was growing up, and made two short films to help support the cause.

We've been in love with this blue-green-eyed singer ever since his teen heartthrob days, and were super stoked to have a chat with him about his love for writing and his director-chair aspirations — and his use of those talents for great causes, like the AT&T Love is Changing History Project.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us about this project you're working on!

Lance Bass: It's a wonderful project that came across to me a couple of months ago. [Love is Changing History] asked me if I wanted to direct [two short films] for AT&T and Trevor Project, and of course I was like, "heck yeah, I would love to do that!" It's something I always wanted to get into and it was just an amazing experience.

[Both films] have LGBT angles, and a nice surprise ending. And the great thing about it for anyone that shares from the website, it donates a dollar to the Trevor Project.

Awesome, and that's up to $100,000?

Up to $100,000, yes!

Can you briefly describe The Trevor Project in your own words for our readers?

The Trevor Project is an anonymous hotline that you can call to talk to anyone about anything. If you're feeling bad about yourself, if you're trying to find yourself, gay or not gay alike, if you're being bullied in school, it just gives you someone that can just talk to and help you and calm you down. And the great thing about that is, it really is just about telling that one person. You know, that family friend, that sister, that brother. It always just starts the ball rolling once you just tell that one person and get it off your chest.

Have you worked with the Trevor Project before?

I've been working with the Trevor Project for a few years now. You know, been over to their offices, had some talks at their events. I think it's an incredible organization, just because I know as a gay kid growing up in Mississippi, I would've loved to have had an outlet like that, to be able to call anonymously and have someone to talk to. I think it's so important to let, especially young kids out there, [if] they think they're the only gay in town, to be able to go talk to someone.

It's a fantastic cause — anything else you want to add about the project?

It is. We've just had such a blast doing it, and it really whet my appetite for directing. Next year I have a lot of television shows I'm producing that we're shooting pilots for. And if one of those gets picked up, maybe I'll be able to get in that director’s chair again!

Any other details on those pilots?

I don't like to jinx anything [...], but we're excited. I started Lance Bass Productions a few years ago and just this year things are just really going up for the company!

We sold four projects this year, so we'll be shooting four pilots in the spring. And we're really excited about it, 'cause three of them are scripted shows, it's one of my favorite things, and I was happy that a couple of my things that I created and wrote got picked up!

Are there any other details you can share — are they comedies, dramas?

They're all over the place! I got a reality competition show, a drama, a comedy, AND a dramedy! [Note: Lance later let us know that the comedy project is a collaboration with former Saturday Night Live star Cheri Oteri.]

Running the whole gamut there!

That's right. I like to be well-rounded, in the writing realm.

See Lance Bass's two short films for AT&T's Love Is Changing History Project here! Share directly from the page, and AT&T will donate $1 to The Trevor Project.

How much do you love Lance Bass? Are you excited for his directorial projects? Sound off below!

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