Bachelor Nudist Lucy Aragon Paraglides (Topless of Course) in Aspen (PHOTOS)
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The Bachelor

Bachelor Nudist Lucy Aragon Paraglides (Topless of Course) in Aspen (PHOTOS)

If you’ve been watching Season 18 of The Bachelor, you already know Lucy Aragon repels clothing the way Scotch Guard repels stains. It seems that since her occupation is all about wearing clothing (she’s a part-time model, full-time free spirit, dontcha know), in her off time Lucy would rather wear nothing at all — even in below-freezing temperatures.

The recently de-rosed Bachelor contestant doesn’t seem to be sweating the loss of Juan Pablo Galavis these days, because she’s frolicking in the winter wonderland of Aspen. Skinny-dipping in hot springs and polar-plunging in the ice-cold river apparently weren’t extreme enough activities for the 24-year-old Santa Barbara native, so she decided it was time to cross “naked parasailing” off her bucket list.

Well, almost naked. It seems either the threat of frostbite or Aspen’s penal code prevented Lucy from going full Nudy Judy. However, we still think doing anything in 12-degree weather while donning nothing more than a lace bra and panty set is crazy enough without adding the wind chill effect of gliding through the subarctic air.

It seems Lucy is in total agreement on that now. “This was NOT my best idea,” she tweeted after her glide. “My brain is cold. And I think my boobs have frost bite. Somebody help me.”

We’re sure Lucy has had no shortage of folks volunteering to help warm her up.

Source: Lucy Aragon on Twitter